Wellbeing in Ecuador: why should I have a limpia or spiritual cleansing ceremony?

One common question we get asked is What is la limpia?

First, let me tell you the meaning of this spiritual ceremony or ritual from the Andes. “La Limpia” is a set of practices, beliefs and ancestral knowledge used by certain ethnic groups for healing purposes.

It is part of our ancestral medicine with the main purpose of helping get rid of negative energies, to relax and achieve peace.

Why la “limpia” in Ecuador?

Most certainly, Ecuador is a special place in South America due to its location, ideal to perform this traditional cleansing ceremony and to heal mind, body, and soul.

In addition, participating in an ancestral ceremony is a unique opportunity to learn about the authentic culture, traditions, and cosmovision of the ancestral indigenous communities of Ecuador.

Many shamans, yachaks, and curanderos carry out cleansing ceremonies with special plants from the Andes or Amazon Rainforest during this traditional ceremony.

Who should you do a cleansing ceremony?

This ceremony is perfect for:

  • People who usually get sick
  • People who attract bad luck
  • People with little energy
  • Healers and teachers from all disciplines
  • Anyone who works with other people will benefit from cleansing.
  • And in general, those who want to feel better

In sum, all travellers who want to vibrate higher and attract positive things to their lives are joining us for this experience during their visit to Ecuador.

What happens during a limpia?

During a cleansing, a combination of some or all of the following will be used: trago(booze), green leaf branches, plants, flowers, smoke, blowing of fire, or rubbing of eggs or a guinea pig.

la limpia


It was early in the day, during sunrise and I was sitting down, while the Shaman, went around with a feather, plants, flowers, and oils, cleansing my aura. As a Reiki healer and a Life Coach, it is important to cleanse my energy and protect my aura, to support others.

This was the perfect way to start a new day with energy, after an ayahuasca ceremony. (A deeper kind of healing ceremony from the Andes)

Cristina Pettersen

In conclusion, a cleansing ceremony helps travellers and visitors in general, to improve their wellbeing and leave Ecuador raising their vibrations.

Our recommendation, if you are older than 18, is that you partake on a limpia during your visit. Make sure to always do healings with professionals who will guide you and make sure of your wellbeing. We can help you add this healing experience to your visit to Ecuador. Contact us: info@lifeistravelling.com

This is one of the activities that you can choose for your wellbeing program in South America.