Ecuador, a country with a great legacy of ancestral cultures, Andean cosmovision, and diversity, is ideal for those who seek wellbeing and harmony. Because of its location in the Middle of the World, and the influence of the Andes mountain range and the abundant flora and fauna of the Amazon, our country has several sacred places full of energy, medicinal plants and healthy foods, which will allow you to connect with your senses and with the elements of nature.

Whether you want to start on your path of wellness, go on a digital detox, or you are looking for new therapies and experiences to continue with your transformation process, our extensive knowledge of the subject allows us to assist you.

Our repertoire of wellness activities in Life Traveling is extensive. We have experts who will accompany you during your spiritual journey, including Life Coaching to work on your goals; Ayahuasca Ceremonies led by professional shamans, and cleansing ceremonies incorporating Andean plants.

Ecuador is also the place for mindfulness activities such as yoga, meditation, and detoxification of body and mind; with spa therapies and ayurveda therapies combined with conscious eating.

During your wellbeing experience in Ecuador and South America, you will return home renewed, having released blockages, and feeling happy.

Pamper yourself with a trip or a retreat in Ecuador where you will find exuberant nature, complemented with quality infrastructure and our specialized and certified professionals who are ready to assist you on your journey of growth and wellbeing.

Let us design your personalized trip.

Take a step off the regular tourist trail and find unique and well-planned travel experiences prepared in cooperation with our local specialists.

Contact us to help you plan a memorable experience specifically for you in Ecuador and South America.