The most biodiverse place on earth and the lungs of the planet, the Amazon basin is the most important, but also fragile, ecosystem in the world. The rainforest here is connected by the mighty Amazon River, and the river and its tributaries flow through Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil. The Amazon rainforest presents an eclectic mix of ancient human cultures – some still living in total voluntary isolation with traditional lifestyles. The area offers history, as well as unparalleled beauty and diversity of nature. From the microcosms of the insect world to the big mammals such as the jaguar and tapir, this is the land of extremes; discover the mighty jungle in unforgettable journeys by land or river cruising.

The Ecuadorian jungle features the Yasuní National Park, a Biosphere Reserve and a WORLD NATURAL HERITAGE declared by UNESCO. Explore it on the walk to spectacular lagoons deep in the jungle, or by paddling a canoe. Follow and explore the Amazon tributaries in one of the exclusive river cruises, looking for caiman, and colorful birds such as macaws, or hike through the tropical forest woodlands to visit local communities. Yasuní is also famous for its wetlands and rich wildlife. Take a scenic flight over the endless canopy to the exclusive lodges in the heart of the Amazon forest.

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