This is a fabulous place located in the beautiful Imbabura province, near the town of San Pablo del Lago. Here you can free yourself from all those problems we all have in life. The name, Sacha Ji, comes from the native language Quichua and can be translated to “my dearest mountain”. Sacha Ji is a wellness retreat where you can immerse yourself in the ancestral practice of the Andean healing traditions conducted by the local healers. This lodge was created with the purpose of letting you truly disconnect from the daily routine and explore your inner self in balance with nature. Perfectly surrounded by the beautiful Andean volcanoes that dominate the views from every corner of the lodge.

Everything here is meant to bring balance and harmony to your stay. Enjoy the delicious and healthy food harvested directly from the lodge’s on-site organic vegetable garden. Enjoy yoga sessions, pamper your body with recovery massage, or simply relax by your room while you enjoy one of the best sunsets you can get in the northern Ecuadorian Andes while breathing the pure mountain air.

This beautiful hotel has 11 rooms with all the amenities for a comfortable stay overlooking the stunning San Pablo Lake and the impressive Imbabura Volcano.

“Relax, detox and reenergize with our transformative massages, yoga, meditation classes and traditional Andean treatments, as well as our holistic wellness packages”

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