Ecuadorian food is characterized by its tradition and a great variety of ingredients from the Coast, Andes, and Amazon; standing out for its flavor, texture, and color, and offering a fusion of flavors from different cultures such as ancestral, Inca and Spanish.

Whether you decide on a gastronomic program for Ecuador or a culinary experience, Life Traveling is pleased to accompany you to taste the different typical flavors of Ecuadorian food.

With its historic cities and dreamy landscapes, Ecuador is a perfect place to learn how to cook, or perfect your cooking techniques.

Thanks to its geographical location, climate, and diversity, Ecuador is a country that offers magical flavors which delight the most demanding palates.

Ecuador is ideal for agrotourism with its exquisite products, such as cocoa, coffee, shrimp, roses, bananas, exotic tropical fruits. All with unique flavors and highly valued internationally.

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