The seaport city of Guayaquil, also known as “The Pearl of the Pacific”, is a bustling metropolis and recognized as the financial capital of Ecuador. A day in this vibrant city begins with a stroll along Malecón 2000, a beautiful promenade that runs along the calm waters of the Guayas River. This 2.5 km boardwalk includes a stop at La Rotonda, the Moorish clock tower, and the botanical garden. We also visit the Seminario Park, known as the Iguana park, with its famous iguana residents.

Our day in Guayaquil will also include:

Las Peñas, Cerro Santa Ana and Parque Historico

There are 444 numbered steps on the Cerro Santa Ana hill, a very popular stop for tourists. The route features fabulous views across the city and the harbor with seafarers from all over the world and dockworkers that were once part of the city’s daily life. A few more steps and the lighthouse comes into view, which once warned the city’s inhabitants of pirates. On the uppermost plateau of the little green hill, there is a chapel. In 1547 the city was settled here, a magical elevation with a remarkable view. A little below there are cannons, pirates and the pirates’ ship, reminiscent of a troubled past. Another route down the river travels past colorful houses with small balconies leading to the base of Cerro Santa Ana, where the picturesque artist district of Las Peñas is located with its renovated buildings that date back to the 19th century, very popular with the sightseers.

Parque Historico provides visitors with an insight into the city’s golden time of Cacao – cocoa beans. It features fine buildings that once stood here -prior to a devastating fire – and actors demonstrate the clothing and customs of that time. It all serves as a reminder of the great golden era of this beautiful city, The Pearl of the Pacific.

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