This World Heritage city is a delight for visitors and locals, so it is no wonder why so many expats have chosen Cuenca as their new home, and it is selected by international specialists as one of the best places to retire in the world. A beautiful morning in Cuenca will cover the vibrant Central Plaza or Parque Calderon with its new and old cathedrals, modern art museum featuring the best of Ecuadorian contemporary artwork, and an archaeological site such as Pumapungo.

We will take a walk through Plaza San Sebastian, the San Francisco flower market, with its beautiful roses and plants. In Cuenca, we also find the famous Panama hats, which actually originated in Ecuador. It is worth paying a visit to the emblematic Homero Ortega Panama Hat factory to understand the process of making this famous hat.

But Cuenca is more than beautiful architecture; the four rivers that run through the city bring life and peacefulness to its inhabitants. Our visit includes a stroll along the Tomebamba river promenade with its Barranco neighborhood with colonial style terraced houses, and the “broken bridge” or Puente Roto. Time to relax, and feel the pulse of Cuenca by the magical sound of the river.

We end up our comprehensive day of Cuenca with spectacular bird’s eye views from el Turi lookout point.

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